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神戸ビエンナーレ,神戸市,2013  297cm×154cm 

ボストンのPellas Galleryにて。 Now on display in Boston! Utsutsu: A Liminalism of Japanese Cotemporary Art after 2010s' pellasgallery.com 出品作家: 落合陽一、児玉幸子、加茂昴、須賀悠介、山本れいら、さめほし、たかくらかずき、John Hathway、鎌谷徹太郎


Akihabara Radio-Kaikan BLDG Tokyo Japan (An iconic building in front of Akihabara Station)
秋葉原ラディオ会館 (2017)  Height 約30m



EWB(2023) 297cm×154cm 







バンクーバー美術館(Vancouver Art Museum) & シアトル(Seattle)
"JUXTAPOZ X SUPERFLAT",2016(Sakura Version)
http://www.juxtapoz.com/…/takashi-murakami-and-jux-join-fo…/ …
Curated by Takashi Murakami




The Mother Of Internet (2017)  Wide 9,200pixel x Height ~240,000Pixel
Yahoo!JAPAN と JohnHathwayの超長尺コラボレーション作品。インタラクティブ。
カンヌライオンアジア(スパイクアジア) 銅賞受賞






真空管ドールズ (アプリゲーム(リリース後も改良進行中)2016~)  詳細→
©Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.

真空管ドールズライフ(バーチャルユーチューバー Vtuber)Showroom Youtube bilibili






  ElectricLolita(2011) 297cm×150cm





n-Dimension City(2019) 現在ゲームアプリを開発中





Kanda-Myojin Exhibition 2019 (Invited exhibition at Taira no Masakado exhibition at Kanda Myojin.)



Artificial muscle figures 人工筋肉フィギュア Δ-Figure  (ArsElectronica2014,Austria オーストリア・リンツ, 2014) 18cm 詳細→




MAGICROCKET STATION(2012) 398cm×148cm

(Kaikai Kiki Gallery Produced by Takashi Murakami,ベルリン,Berlin,2013 )



(OTTOBOCK 100周年記念本 カラー作品&描き下ろし漫画 Color works & newly drawn manga,Germanyドイツ,2019)
This is a venerable book that was also given to Prime Minister Merkel.


n-Dimension(2015) ゆめかわ×ギーク n-Dの詳細→

Super Radio Kaikan(under construction version) ,2017


Vacuum tube headphones 真空管ヘッドフォン(PIXIV Zingaro,東京都,2011) 23cm →詳細 




n-Dimension(2015) ゆめかわ×ギーク n-Dの詳細→


Doll type PC case ドール型PCケース「DTX1」 2016, 150cm

AKIHABARA STATION 2013 ,201cm × 80cm
Tokyo Otaku Mode トップイメージ,2013






電脳椅子「MOVER」(神戸ビエンナーレ,神戸市,2015) についての詳細






Fantastic Manga Anime art video -Amazing process in 40days with Photoshop over 2000Layers ,2008,3min































 Quantum Twintail Mechanics ,2007,31min









As for all the artworks of John Hathway, science is origin. He was interested in antigravity as flight principles, such as UFO, originally. He experimented by having formed the large-scale experimental device of the antigravity phenomenon "Hutchison effect" which used high-voltage generators, such as Tesla Coil, etc. in the house for the pursuit, and, eventually studied physics to the doctoral course of the University of Tokyo.

Simultaneously, from boyhood, he got interested in sign modes of expression, such as comics of Japan, studied the picture of comics, and sensitivity cultivated him. His thinking method was based on scientific logic, used objective logicalness for the subjective purpose, and solved the problem.

As for him who got to know a possibility that the cause of the antigravity phenomenon was the "will" considered that the present is unscientific, "will" considered on physics the world by which temporary introduction was carried out. He considered the essence of sign expression to be compression of information simultaneously.

For him, science was expression, and based on scientific logic, the subjective object world which he considers became an image, and was built. "The logical world" which he considers and the thing which fulfills simultaneously all the conditions of "a logical mode of expression" serve as the solution to an equation. It is his work. The logical world and the logical expression are as follows.

The antigravity phenomenon, so called "Hutchison effect", discoverer, Mr.John Hutchison, only when he himself is, it happens. An antigravity phenomenon is perfect, it was fake, or according to Mr. Hutchison's unconscious will, it came to a conclusion. If it assumes that it is will, man's soul and physical quantity have an interaction and it can be imagined that new moral physics can be built.
In this world, moral physics progressed with future, and it is the world (Tokyo) where the technology which can amplify will was established, and it became possible to move oneself in the height direction because the equipment in a broom amplifies will. If movement of the height direction is possible, a city will develop in three dimensions. The concept of the first floor of a building and other stories is lost, and the surface of all the buildings becomes an entrance. The signboard can exist now also in a high class.

The design of the city in Japan is not unified and most laws are not touching on a design.
That is, Showa often seen It does not become as it is shown in the prognostic chart of a streamlined future city, but a design is determined by the sense of the owner of each housing. Therefore, it can be imagined that the directivity of the design of Heisei also seldom changes the future. The energy source of antigravity is soul, and if it assumes that it becomes possible with small energy, it can imagine that a three-dimensional high-rise building floats the building itself in the air, or assists structural brittleness according to the effect of antigravity. In that case, structure more material than the present as a building may be made weakly.

(A pillar can be made thin)

In order to compress information, the following mode of expression was tried.

- The space of many directions will be simultaneously seen by making space asymmetrically distorted in arbitrary directions, and space information was compressed.

- It is as high as this side in the bodies, such as man, and the bodies, such as a back degree, are low.
That is, deformation depending on distance is performed.

- Since the face was as large as the back, it performed putting in the information of the human being of usually crushed the back.

- Although a city structure was interlocked with, all the surfaces of the building expressed the information on a town by many signboard text by becoming an entrance and installing a signboard simultaneously more overwhelmingly than present Tokyo.

- In order to incorporate expression by a thing like oil painting to recoat, and the depth of coating, with the digital technique which can do a recoating to principle top infinity, a maximum of 4000 layers were piled up and the infinite recoating like oil painting was expressed.

- It also performed putting in a layer as information to the time circumstances by reproducing by an animation in the portion which does not look physical still in a tentative way.